Advertisements by means of illuminated box letters or normal case letters, freesletters and advertising collumns to make your business more discoverable. This is tailored by our own skilled staff. In short, a highly specialized team who knows what they are doing.

By our unique combination of machines and finishes that we conduct internally we can produce at a competitive price. Our customers are also often resellers from the sign branch, construction companies architects stand builders and of course the end user.

Telephonic you can always reach us with all your questions or advice. The number can be found on our contact page. Even if it's a small question, we'll be ready for you. We have a skilled team with knowledge about Signmaking and design, So you can come with everything to us.


Box letters

We produce all box letters in our own company, this way we can produce the letters much faster and against a good price. The light advertisement is provided by energie efficient LED-lights and will be installed by a custom made schedule so the LED-lights go longer. The box letters can be delivered in standard RAL-colors and provided that its in lacquer and acrylate.

Unexplained and indirectly illuminated

Our unexplained and indirectly illuminated box letters come in 2 different profiles, Profile 1 and Profile 3. They come standard with wire end. The letters have a relief and a depth of 40mm.

Direct illuminated

Direct illuminated box letters come in 3 different profiles, profile 4, profile 5 and profile 5 deluxe, all these box letters are immediately lit. The box letters are supplied in the colors of standard black or white powdercoated and all other colors are colored internally at our sprayer. The relief and letter thickness are 120mm and are easy to assemble. The LEDs are energy efficient and 0.48w.


The most famous plastic freesletters are the acrylic letters. These are milled from cast acrylic plate. These milling letters are available in thicknesses of 3 mm, 8 mm and 19 mm.

RVS and Aluminium anodized

Perfectly welded RVS letters give an exclusive and luxurious look combined with a good value-quality ratio. This is actually a cheaper version of the stainless steel letters.


For indoor use, the PVC foamed material is often used. The PVC-foamed freesletter material is available in thicknesses of 10 mm and 19 mm.


You can glue the letters by yourself or we glue it for you. After this process we make a print on the work drawing. You can also choose to do it yourself. After making the printout, you hang the working drawing in the desired way and drill holes in the places that are printed. Here you confirm the spacers and you can easily set the letters on the spacers.

Advertising columns

We have our own molds to print the expensive high-quality profiles and we also weld our parts like the hoods and footpads and other construction elements. If you want the advertising pillar in a different color, we will color it in our spray booth.

Lighting Advertising Columns

We have 2 types of light boxes for the advertising pads, single sided and double sided. These advertising pads are 170 mm aluminum anodized profile. Your design is printed on an Acrylic opal advertising plate. If you want to attach lighting advertising columns to the wall, 2 wall brackets are supplied. The LED lighting is energy efficient and comes in 0.48w cool white. This LED lights burn for 50,000 hours and you have warranty on the transformer.


It is possible to place the advertising pile on the basis of our instructions, but if you are not able to do it yourself we will send you. If you want to help yourself, you save € 350, - ex BTW. At advertising doors above 3000mm we always come with 2 mechanics

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